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1. How do I use this site ?

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To browse for products before you order, click on the 'PRODUCTS' tab on the navigation bar. This page will provide you with a list of all product categories with links to the individual products in each category.

Click on a link to take you to an individual product page where you can then view the information about a products sizes, materials, and pricing. From this page you can also download a product information sheet to help you prepare your artwork to the correct specification.

Alternatively, if you are familiar with our range of products you can use the 'QUICK LINKS' navigation section on the right hand side of the website to shortcut to individual product pages.


Once you have identified the product you require, download the appropriate artwork information sheet from the product page and prepare your artwork to our specifications. Additional artwork guidelines can be found in section 3 of this help page if required.

Our order system requires you to upload your artwork and pay for it at the same time, so please have your payment details to hand and your files in the correct format for uploading before proceeding with an order.

1. Click the 'ORDER' tab on the navigation bar and the order page will appear with a single blank product.

2. Configure the product to your preferred specification using the drop down options.

3. You can add additional products by clicking the blue '+' icon. To remove additional products if they are not required use the blue '-' icon

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4. The order page automatically displays the total price for your order and an approximate lead time based on the product with the longest lead time.

5. Once you have specified your order click the 'CHECKOUT' button and proceed to the upload screen.

6. Click the 'BROWSE' button to locate your files for uploading. Files are currently limited to a maximum size of 300mb.

7. Once located click the 'UPLOAD' button. The uploader will show you a progress report as it uploads. Please do not close the upload page whilst it is uploading as you may lose your order and will have to start again.

8. When the uploader has finished enter your contact and delivery details, and if required, the optional senders address (if you are sending direct to your client). Then click the 'NEXT' button.

9. Finally, Choose your payment method and enter your payment details (for more details about payment methods please see below). Once your payment has completed you will be redirected to a payment confirmation screen and you will receive an order confirmation via email.

10. Your order will then be be processed and delivered to you in the time specified.


All orders are sent via a trusted and reliable courier service. If you are not in, the driver will leave a calling card with a new delivery time and details of the depot where the parcel has been taken. You may be able re-arrange delivery at a time to suit you.


Yes you can. Just enter your clients address in the delivery details section when you checkout and use the option to personalise the senders address. Your order will be sent in plain unbranded packaging with generic paperwork showing only your own senders details.

Invoices for all jobs, personalised or not, are supplied to you separately via email and are not included inside the package that is delivered.


All product prices shown in this website include FREE DELIVERY to Mainland UK. Mainland UK includes England, Wales, Central Scotland and the Borders. It excludes the Scottish Highlands and Islands, Northern & Southern Ireland, Europe and the rest of the world.

If you want a delivery outside of Mainland UK we will need to make a delivery charge. Please contact us for a quotation before placing any order as we will not be able to process it unless you agree to the additional cost. We are currently considering making some changes to the site to provide deliveries to these other areas, so please let us have your feedback on this matter.


Your job will be processed, printed and delivered during normal working hours (ie. Monday - Friday up to 5pm).

Orders are usually delivered within 2 - 5 working days of you placing your order. Weekends and bank holidays do not count as working days.

PLEASE NOTE: lead times may vary slightly around holiday periods depending on available courier delivery dates.

When you place your order, you will be shown an approximate lead time (in working days) in the grey bar on the bottom of the order screen. This lead time includes the time taken for the courier to make an overnight delivery. THIS LEAD TIME IS AN APPROXIMATE AND IS NOT GUARANTEED!

Your delivery time can also be delayed if your artwork is not supplied correctly.

If you have multiple items in your order, these will all be sent together and the lead time shown will be taken from the item with the longest lead time. If you want multiple items delivered separately you will need to place separate orders.


You can pay by debit or credit card or you can use your PayPal account. We do not accept cash or cheque payments.


Yes. All payments are processed by PayPal on their secure payment servers. We do not keep your card details on our system at all.


Before contacting us with an enquiry, please browse the help section of this site. The majority of support questions we receive can be answered with the information contained here.

As we operate entirely online, you will need to use our website contact form to get in touch. This can be found by clicking the 'CONTACT' tab on the navigation bar. We usually answer an enquiry within 2 hours during working hours (9am and 5pm - Monday to Friday).

We do not provide telephone based support as this creates higher operating costs which we would have to add to the cost of our products!

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2. How do I set my artwork up for printing ?

In this section:


All files must be supplied in one of our two approved formats described below. Orders supplied with incorrect files cannot be processed until suitable replacements have been provided.

To ensure you supply your artwork to the correct specification please download the pdf spec sheet for your product and follow the simple guidelines.

- Press Ready PDF

PDF's are our preferred file format. We suggest that the best way to create a PDF is to use Adobe Acrobat Distiller to convert or "distil" an eps or postscript file exported from your original document. We recommend that only "Press Quality" or "Print Quality" conversion settings should be used as other options may produce inferior print.

If you have created your original artwork using an Adobe application such as InDesign or Illustrator you can export directly from these programmes in PDF format but you will need to pay careful attention to the export settings to ensure they match our checklist below.

Please note: PDF's files exported directly from programmes such as Word and Powerpoint often have printing errors or produce inferior results.

Essential PDF checklist:
  • Use Quark Express, Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop or Freehand to create your original artwork, then export an eps and distil it using Adobe Acrobat Distiller.
  • All fonts should be properly embedded in the pdf or outlined first (convert to paths).
  • For full colour printing, images should be in CMYK not RGB colour mode.
  • Convert any spot colours to CMYK.
  • Ensure all images in the original document are the correct resolution.
  • Include the appropriate amount of bleed as specified in the product spec sheet.
  • Flatten layers and transparencies in the original document before creating your PDF.
  • Specify 'Print Quality or Press Quality' conversion settings.


JPEG's are often useful if you need to send us a flattened Photoshop file at full print size. Please note: As JPEG's use only bitmap information they are not always suitable for enlargement.

Essential JPEG checklist:
  • Use the correct colour mode and resolution as specified in the product spec sheet
  • Include the appropriate amount of bleed as specified in the product spec sheet.
  • Do not use small text as this may look fuzzy when printed or enlarged.
  • Use the least compression possible as high compression is visible in large format print.


If you have any item in your design that touches or goes over the edge of the document you will need to add bleed to the file for printing purposes.

Bleed is the extra part of your artwork which gets trimmed off after it has been printed. As guillotining has certain tolerances and cannot be guaranteed 100% perfect we add bleed to artwork to prevent any unwanted white edges being left on the leaflet when the print is trimmed out of the paper.

For example: an A5 with bleed would be printed on oversize paper then trimmed down to A5 afterwards.


A5 = 148x210mm
Bleed Required = 2mm

YOUR ARTWORK SIZE (including bleed) = 152x214mm


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3. How do I supply my file ?

In this section:


The safest way of emailing or uploading your files is to put them all into a single folder and compress them into a 'zipped' or 'stuffed' archive using one of the methods shown below.

How to archive a file:
  • Stuff-it (Mac) - A compression and expansion utility available from
  • Winzip (PC) - A compression and expansion utility available from
  • Archive File (FREE) - Mac users - Simply select the folder you want to send to us, control click it and select 'create archive' from the menu
  • Archive File (FREE) - Windows users - Simply select the folder you want to send to us, right click it, select 'send to' from the menu and then select 'Compressed (zipped) Folder'

To place an order for multiple items, use the blue plus button on the order page to add another item. Then, at the upload stage, upload the newly created archive folder as you would do a single file. *Please ensure your file names are clearly labeled so that we can identify which item they are for.

4. If I order 5 posters can I supply 5 different artworks ?

Yes, we allow you to supply multiple artworks when you place an order for posters with a quantity greater than 1. Please place your order as usual, carefully title your files with the quantity required of each, and zip them in a folder using the method described above.

eg, If you require 2 x one design, and 3 x another design, you can order 5 posters, you just need to remember to put the correct quantity in the file names before you zip the folder and upload.